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    We encourage our team members to express their creativity and passion. Every idea can become a great idea, and every suggestion can turn into a great project. Join our team!

    Why work with Giuneco?

    Ours is a serene, relaxing work environment, with large open spaces, vividly coloured walls and cheerful décor reflecting a healthy balance between private life and work and the vibrant, highly inclusive atmosphere you’ll experience in our offices. The annual training programmes offered to our teams provide opportunities for continuous personal growth, so that they are always ready to take on new challenges.

    What training means for Giuneco

    Anyone who works in our industry has to keep learning to stay up to date with innovation. This is why we offer annual training activities for our team members, organised during the working day or as evening classes with online or physical attendance. We sponsor events, as partners or simply as participants, and publish articles on what we have learnt so that we too can disseminate knowledge.

    Life in Giuneco

    The most important thing for us is the well-being of everyone living within the Giuneco universe. We believe strongly that a relaxed, happy work environment makes even Mondays less daunting. We respect the personal needs and choices of every individual and are committed to promoting a healthy balance between private life and work. This is also why we give our team members the freedom to choose whether to work in the office or remotely.

    Dorothy Program – Girls, to the moon and tech

    At Giuneco we have realised that in spite of the strongly inclusive environment cultivated in our multi-cultural office spaces, women still remain a distinct minority. And this is a reflection of the situation on a Europe-wide scale, where only 9 out of a hundred developers are women.
    This is why we created the Dorothy Program, a project incubator with the goal of including women in the IT world and closing the Gender Gap in our industry. Visit our blog to find out more!

    Our Team

    Our numerous and continuously growing team is made up of professionals from all walks of life, such as developers, architects, marketers, graphic designers and web designers.

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      Review and accept our Privacy Policy